🇯🇵 2024: Feb-10 Hokkaido Japan: Queen + Adam Lambert Japan Tour: The Rhapsody Tour

Sat, Feb-10 Sapporo Dome: Hokkaido, Japan

Tickets: Seat Map

  • GOLD Reserved Seat ¥48,000
  • SS Reserved Seat ¥25,000
  • S Reserved Seat ¥17,000
  • A Reserved Seat ¥12,000



Roger Taylor

Special Guest : GLAY

GLAY, one of Japan’s leading rock bands, will perform as a special guest at Queen’s first Sapporo concert in 42 years!

Sapporo Snow Festival: QUEEN snow sculpture lights up

QUEEN Exhibition in Sapporo

January 13th (Sat) – January 21st (Sun), 2024
7F/Space 7 (Admission Free)

The exhibition opened today at Sapporo Parco 7F! Rare photos in Sapporo are now on view! We are giving away postcards to those who write messages to the band at the venue. Please stop by before the live show coming up next month!

Prior to the first Sapporo concert in 42 years, a life-size statue of Freddie Mercury and many rare autographs and photographs from his debut period will be on display.

A life-size statue of Freddie Mercury will be on display for the first time in Sapporo, as well as many rare autographs and photos from his debut period.
There will also be a message board connecting Queen and fans.
Please come and visit us before the first Sapporo concert in 42 years!

Queen menu

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