2024: Eclipse : Megalomanium in Japan

Shibuya WWW

February 2024 Eclipse3 show has ended successfully.
Thank you very much to everyone who came to the show.
Thanks to all of you, the band had a great time.
It was such a fun show that everyone who saw the show was happy.

Magnus, Victor, and David, who were sightseeing, are flying back to Sweden from Osaka today.
They ate Kobe beef steak, which they had longed for, and visited Kyoto.
All the members are now safely back home.
Everything went without a hitch. Thank you very much.




Before Tour & Merch


T-shirt & Autograph session

After the Eclipse performance, an autograph session will be held for those selected by lottery!

We will distribute raffle tickets to those who purchase a T-shirt and one other item (some items are not eligible).

Winners will be announced around the end of the show!

We will hold this event at all venues in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

Here is the front design of the T-shirt.

Here is the back design of the T-shirt.
Erik: We put “Eclipse” on the back of the t-shirt at your request.

There will be no pre-sale. Please purchase after the doors open.
The price will be 4,500 yen.

in Japan

Members of ECLIPSE visited our store!
Thank you very much!

Erik, Magnus, Victor and David (our stage manager), arrived safely in Japan today.
They are enjoying Tokyo.

Philip arrived!

Yesterday, Erik and Magnus spent the day at guitar stores in Shibuya and Ochanomizu. He found the guitar he wanted, which he might use at a show. He looked at the guitar for a long time, telling me that it was torture for me and that he was sorry. He wanted to go into Fuji Soba and enjoyed buying a ticket from the ticket machine.

Victor and Philip went to Harajuku to get tattoos, and Philip’s tattoo took a long time because he had to blacken a lot of parts. It looked painful just by talking about it.
I’m sorry the picture is only of Victor’s hand because I wasn’t with him. He said the ramen was delicious.
In the evening, we went to Bar Star Star.

February 18 Today is Victor’s birthday.
We celebrated with grilled meat.
The band members are looking forward to the show starting tomorrow.
The wooden box is a gift from Victor’s family. Philip brought it.

Eclipse menu

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